[Qty.] 3 pcs (individually wrapped)
[Size] Regular size (117 mm × 131 mm)
Small size (106 mm × 123 mm)
Kids size (97 mm × 110 mm)
[Good Against] Pollen, colds, dust, etc.
[Material] Polyurethane (body)
[Country of Manufacture] Japan
[UV Protection/UPF] WHITE(82%/15)GRAY(98%/50+)・NAVY(97%/50)KHAKI(98%/50+)・LIGHT GRAY(89%/20)SALMON PINK(87%/20)・LAVENDER(85%/20)BABY PINK(83%/20)・SOFT BEIGE(87%/20)PINK(82%/15)・YELLOW(86%/15)SAXE BLUE(88%/20)・BLUE(93%/35)YELLOW GREEN(92%/25)


[Product Name] PITTA MASK 2.5a
[Qty.] 5 pcs
[Size] Regular size (175 mm × 95 mm)
[Good Against] Colds, pollen, dust, PM2.5 particles, etc.
[Material] Polypropylene, polyethylene (body, portions of filter)
[Country of Manufacture] Japan
[UV Protection] 85%

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